In 2016, following the acquisition of Postano by Sprinklr, a transformative opportunity arose to leverage Postano's technology in the creation of Sprinklr Display. As a member of the UX Design team, our primary mandate was to serve as product advocates, gaining an intimate understanding of user requirements. Our mission was to empower users in crafting captivating visual content for their organizations and shaping the UI landscape that would eventually evolve into the acclaimed platform now recognized as Sprinklr Display.


During the initial phases of our product development, we encountered a significant challenge: customization of visual elements demanded a proficiency in CSS/JavaScript. However, a substantial portion of our client base lacked the necessary coding expertise to undertake this task. Consequently, our team found itself in the dual role of designing the product and providing hands-on client design support.


Project Overview: Enhancing User Adoption through Consistent UI Design

Our primary objective was to create a UI product that seamlessly integrated with the existing Sprinklr platform while offering a more user-friendly interface to expedite user adoption. Our goal was to ensure that users felt at ease and familiar when navigating the UI environment.

Challenges and Approach: Crafting a Cohesive User Experience

To address this challenge, we embarked on a journey to harmonize the UI product's aesthetics with the main Sprinklr platform. We aimed to strike a balance between a unified look and feel and a simplified navigation system. Our approach involved:

Outcomes: Accelerated User Adoption

Our efforts culminated in the successful creation of a UI product that seamlessly blended with Sprinklr's established look and feel. The result was a more accessible and user-friendly interface, which significantly accelerated user adoption rates. Users now feel at home while navigating the UI environment, contributing to a smoother and more efficient user experience.

Key Takeaways: Designing for Consistency and Comfort

This project underscored the importance of maintaining visual consistency while prioritizing user comfort. By harmonizing the UI design with Sprinklr's branding and focusing on intuitive navigation, we achieved a tangible improvement in user adoption.


As a UX Designer on this project, my primary responsibility was to collaborate closely with the Product Engineer team to craft an intuitive and visually appealing user interface (UI). I was part of a dynamic team consisting of five UX Designers, under the leadership of our experienced Design Manager, who brought valuable insights from his previous role at Postano. Our collaborative approach involved numerous brainstorming sessions where we shared knowledge and embraced best practices.

Working on Postano's Display product offered a unique advantage, as it was already a well-established product. Instead of starting from scratch, our task was to dissect the existing features and strategically incorporate them to meet the specific requirements of our project. With a clear understanding of the target audience and the type of application we aimed to create, we set out to leverage Postano's existing capabilities to build an engaging UI that would resonate with our intended users.


During the initial phase of the Postano product migration, our team encountered a unique challenge: many clients were still actively using the legacy Postano platform. Despite this, we successfully engaged some of our most loyal clients in a dual-purpose testing initiative for the new Display tool. This initiative aimed to gather feedback from clients who saw Display as both an internal tool and the ultimate medium for broadcasting their visual content on screens.

As UX Designers, we leveraged our roles as product champions and our direct communication channels with clients during project scoping. This strategic advantage enabled us to gain invaluable insights into their specific needs and expectations. Our goal was to ensure that clients felt empowered to independently navigate the new product without requiring constant assistance from our team.

This client-centric approach not only facilitated a smoother transition but also allowed us to fine-tune the UX of the Display tool based on real-world feedback and user preferences. Through iterative design improvements and a focus on aligning the product with client needs, we successfully bridged the gap between legacy Postano users and the future of their visual content management.


The primary user workflow consists on the process of logging into the site and creating a new storyboard from scratch with multiple widgets. 


Sprinklr Display, as a data visualization tool, would use bars and graphs to show the data on screens. The difference from a standard dashboard would be that the widgets would be highly customizable in color, size, variety of design etc. We went through the list of widgets available on the Sprinklr dashboards and had brainstorming  sessions each one to see what extra features we could add and how much customization each should have.

Sprinklr Dashboard Widgets

Sprinklr Display Widgets


We researched for samples of variations of each of these charts so we could pick them apart and see how effective they were in relating the data, not just looking pretty.

We also had brain storming sessions to see what settings would be best to add as tunables and which settings would be left as default.


During the wire-framing stage my main task involved creating the functionality of the principal tabs but also collaborated in the design of the main sections.

Main Screen

Panel Section

Scene Section

Principal Design Tab

Data Tab (Listening)

Coding Tab

Settings Tab


We designed mockups of the product that would contain the charts that were gonna be included, adding the unique specific customizable functions of each on the right-side tab.


Sprinklr Display is an ever-evolving product that remains in a state of constant refinement. While the core platform UI has been established, our commitment to innovation means we continuously introduce new features and charts to enhance the user experience. Recent updates empower our clients to wield full control and craft powerful social visualization displays autonomously, eliminating the need for Design Services or custom coding.

As part of our ongoing efforts, our Product Engineers are exploring the feasibility of a mobile version of Display. This endeavor aims to enable users to make real-time adjustments from their smartphones. However, this venture presents unique challenges due to the tool's intricate functionality, which heavily relies on drag-and-drop interactions, and the limited screen real estate available on mobile devices.

Stay tuned as we navigate this exciting journey of evolution and enhancement for Sprinklr Display, always striving to provide our users with a seamless and efficient experience, no matter where they are or what device they use.